Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Big Step

Hello again! I feel like life has taken over and I've been away from blog land for quite sometime! I'd have to say those feelings are real because that's exactly what has happened.

In the last two weeks, my baby has turned 2 and my oldest just celebrated his 6th birthday. So we've had plenty of cake, presents and parties. On top of that Saturday marks the editing deadline for my book. A process that is much more intense than I ever imagined!

On top of that I, along with 4 others, have taken a big step of organizing a woman's conference. This week that too has become a reality. We have marked October 31, 2009 on the calendar and have made contact with Renee Swope from Proverbs31, who has agreed to be our keynote speaker.

At times it still amazes me that this is all happening, but God is a faithful God and continues opening the door. My prayer is He will keep strengthening me as He calls me to take these big steps.


  1. Very exciting! I'll be praying with you on all of your endeavors; we have some parallel things happening. I'll look forward to seeing how things develop for you.

  2. You weren't kidding when you said you have been busy! I don't know how you even had time to post on your blog today! Birthday parties and women's conferences! Sounds like you have everything under control. Keep us posted.

    God bless,

  3. Wow Jill... you have been busy.

    Congratulation on the woman's conference... that is quite an undertaking. I am sure that many will be blessed. Keep stepping big with God... he is a mighty guide.

    Thanks for the update,

  4. My, you have been busy! Sounds like all good things. He is good, and He will give you the strength to carry through, Jill.

    Happy VD!

  5. Welcome back! You have been busy. I wish you the best with your conference. You know it will be awesome if you were at She Speaks this past year. Her key-note message from that conference still affects me today.

    Keep us posted on that book!!


    In His graces~Pamela