Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Titus24U?

About 2 years ago, God began showing me the significance of Christian mentoring. It has played a pivotal role in my life over the last 10 years as a woman who was once an acquaintance has become a spiritual mother. I never felt worthy of the time, words or love she shared with me and felt even worse as I attempted to express my thanks for her role in my life. One night after failing once again I started to think seriously about the words I did share, "I could write a book about the role you've played in my life." I knew the material was there, but more than doubted my ability to actually put it on paper.

Now close to 2 years have passed and I'm at the point of possible publication. The journey has been unbelievable! God has revealed Himself endless times and my friendship with Leanne has grown. Our connection is closer and my desire to share the importance of spiritual mentoring has only increased as time has passed.

I'm not entirely sure how this will happen, but God has given me the idea of Titus24U. When the thought first came to me, I didn't entirely understand. I knew Titus 2:4 was the verse addressing the older women, but as time has passed God's revealing why the chapter and not just the verse.

It is critical that one generation teach and train, lead and love the next. And everything mentioned about loving our husband and children, purity, wise living, making a home, submitting are all very important things a spiritual mom can and should teach her spiritual daughter. But ultimately Titus 2 reminds us of our role in teaching how "the grace of God has appeared for the salvation of all men."

We can do endless wonderful acts of service for others and teach them how to be a wife, mom, friend, but if we neglect to share our reason for these things, we're only doing half of what Titus tells us to do.

Leanne has helped train me as a younger woman, so much so that I want others to experience a similar relationship. Our friendship hasn't just made me a better woman, wife, mom or friend but a stronger Christian, which only enhances every other role I play.

So though I don't know what God specifically has planned for Titus24U, I do know it has made a difference in my life, so much so that I feel led to share it with you. So check out Titus 2, it is 4 U and the young woman or teenager who is following in your steps.

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