Monday, June 30, 2008

When your faith brings a label...

The other day Lysa TerKeurst discussed the idea of being cool or feeling like a dork, a concept I can relate to much too easily. But after an experience the other night, my thoughts went a little deeper. What about the times when it's our faith that brings the label?

It's easy to be a Christian at church, Bible study or with our fellow believing friends. It can be more of a challenge when we're around others who don't understand and it's difficult at times to relate with those who knew us before we chose to live for Christ. We don't fit in, we feel misunderstood, others think we're different or worse than that - a dork!!

It can be tempting to give in and simply go with the flow not standing up for what we know is right. But what does that accomplish? Nothing, but a bad feeling in my stomach!!

I know God puts these situations in my life to see what I value more - His opinion of me or of those I see rarely thru the year. I know the right answer, even though my actions don't always prove what my mind understands.

I guess it's one thing to think about our crazy memories from junior high when one minute we were cool and the next the biggest dork of the moment, but when those labels shake our stand for Christ it's another story.

I have a ways to go on this journey past the fear of what others will think, but my sister always says realization is half the battle, so I'm moving in the right direction. How about you?

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