Monday, December 1, 2014

Always Working

Last night, my husband and I put the kids to bed like we do most nights. One of my little guys begged me to snuggle a bit and I did. Nearly twenty minutes later I headed back down expecting to find Job watching the football game; he wasn't. I figured he'd headed to bed himself, but he hadn't. Then I heard pounding coming from the basement and knew that wasn't a good sign.

I found my husband and also found out we had a problem - on a night when the temperature was expected to be near zero our furnace was not working. I did what I could to help and as I stood there getting chillier by the minute holding a flashlight that only worked when it wanted to thoughts went to my kids. They were all warm in their beds and had no idea of the problem that was taking place in their own home and the work their dad was doing to take care of them.

As these thoughts ran through my mind, God put another one on my heart - "Jill, you're just like your kids. You are unaware of the things, the problems, going on around you and you don't see half the work I do for you." I type those words and they sound king of mean, but friend as God whispered them to my heart they were good and reminded me of the powerful, loving, kind Father you and I have in God.

Like my husband does for our kids, He is always looking out for us, protecting us and providing for us. He longs to take care of us and does. My kids see their dad and often join him in working through the day, but last night they had no idea he was working on their behalf. The same can be true of my understanding of what God times I see His work, others I join Him in it, but last night I was reminded of the truth in John 5:17, "But Jesus replied, 'My Father is always working and so am I."

About an hour into our work, I was ready to give up. We'd been able to get our old furnace running, so we had heat, even if it wasn't efficient heat I knew it would get us through the night. I'd looked at the manual and though it was the English version it seemed like a foreign language to me. The wires, cords, buttons and switches had left my mind a mess and I was pretty sure if we hadn't solved the problem yet it wasn't going to happen.

Job, on the other hand, was driven to figure it out and get it fixed. As I watched him work, I was given another important lesson. God knows everything. I may look at my problems and see the mess, think it's impossible and be ready to give up. God on the other gets it, He knows exactly what to do. What looked like a mess to me was something my husband had knowledge about and as long as I did what he asked (hold the flashlight and get him tools) he could do the work. And friend, God is the same only on a bigger, perfect scale. Our situations, our lives might look like a mess, but He knows, He understands and He is able.

Today I pray we will remember that our Heavenly Father is always working...He loves us, cares for us and will provide for us. May we thank Him for that and choose to trust Him with all that is not working in our lives today. It may seem to take longer than you'd like, but He will come through and provide exactly what you need. And may just teach you a lesson or remind you of a promise in the process!!

"We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves Him. They are the ones God has chosen for His purpose." Romans 8:28


Jackie said...

Wow. Great lessons that I am sure others than just me can relate to! It's so awesome how God gives us these comparisons here on earth so that we can begin to understand Him more and more. And so encouraging to be reminded of how He is always working behind the scenes! Thanks for sharing what God was teaching you.

Jill Beran said...

Yes I love the comparisons God gives and lessons He teaches! I join you in praising Him for the work He ALWAYS does! Blessings to you!