Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Lesson From My Little Man

He's not a "Baby", but he'll always be my baby!
"Mom, me a baby?" asked my 3 year old little man as he entered from the other room.

"No," I responded.

He looked up with appreciation and quickly left the room only for me to hear, "See I told you me not a baby. Mom said."

These were words aimed at his older (by not even 2 years) brother. They'd been arguing about something and Jed, the big guy, resorted to calling Jesse, the little guy, a name. Once the younger told the older what Mom said the argument was over and the farming resumed.

Though my little people returned to their "work" God pushed pause on mine. He used my little man's question to teach me a lesson. This is what He had me thinking about -

Jesse hadn't even stopped to let Jed's words soak in. He didn't let this name affect him or make him question who he was. The label was not one he accepted. Instead my little guy immediately went to the one he could trust, the one who knew who he was and an authority figure who would assure him of truth.

As I thought about this, God had me think about the times my identity is mistaken and I receive the wrong labels. Friends, I hate to admit, but my son didn't learn this skill from me. Granted I haven't been called a "Baby" in years, but I've battled with labels like "Not Good Enough", "Not Smart Enough" and "Unworthy" in the recent past. Many years have passed since my little sisters called me names, but Satan sometimes does it daily. And when this happens, I haven't been real quick to seek a second opinion.

The quick observation of my son has taught me quite a lesson! I'm the authority figure he trusts and friend, God is the same for you and me. Jesse believes who I say he is and is not, why don't you and I believe our heavenly Father when He tells us the same?

Friends, I've learned countless lessons from my 5 children, but this one is big. It's such a picture of something God has had on my heart the last few years - we must find our identity in Him! He knit us together in our mothers' wombs (Psalms 139:13) and knew us before we were formed (Jeremiah 1:5), let's go to Him to learn who we are!

When circumstances, sin or Satan call you a name or define you wrongly, may you be encouraged to immediately go to the ONE who knows and ask Him if that is who you are. Friend, listen to our Father's answer and then like my little man stand confidently in the label He gives you!

In case you need a few reminders of what He says -

"I no longer call you slaves, because the slave does not understand what his master is doing. But I have called you friends, because I have revealed to you everything I heard from my Father." John 15:15

"But to all who have received Him-those who believe in His name-He has given the right to become God's children." John 1:12

"And when you heard the word of truth - when you believed in Christ - you were marked with the seal of the promised Holy Spirit." Ephesians 1:13

Friend, I pray we will all be encouraged by the lesson God brought to life through my little man! I'd love to hear one of the favorite verses He uses to tell you who you are!!

Brothers...and usually friends!


  1. What a important lesson learned, Jill!!! I love the confidence and tenacity that Jesse had as he approached not only you, but then Jed, and then how you linked that to us and God. That's wisdom we can all apply!. Thanks for sharing so I can be quicker to run to God next time!!!

    1. Since you know our little can see this lesson all the more! Looking forward to the lessons God will teach you through your little Baby B!! Blessings to you!

  2. Jill, I just love how the Lord continually opens your eyes to teach you...and us...lessons from life around the farm, inside and out. Such a profound lesson taught in a simple way. Thank you for continuing to write so faithfully what the Lord teaches you. And I pray your words will remind me also to run to God when I hear the words of the evil one whispering an untrue label in my ear.



    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your encouraging words Wendy! I believe your teaching on praying Scripture has played a part in my open eyes (Eph. 1:18) and I am truly grateful for the lessons God teaches. Now I just pray for the wisdom, desire and strength to apply them! Blessings back!

  3. These are important words! I find myself continually getting down on myself in college with things I know are not true, but I find myself thinking anyway! Its important to remind myself that God created me just the way I am! :) Thanks, Aunt Jill!

    1. Hey Katie, thanks for stopping by!! I will continue to pray for you and this just helps me add some specifics!! God made you to be just who you are...when others, Satan and sometimes even yourself tries to tell you differently I pray you will run to God and let Him tell you the truth!! Praying for you!!!