Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rejection = Opportunity

Today I am sharing a devotional at the Encouragement Cafe with the same title as this post. (Read it HERE.) Rejection equals opportunity, have you ever thought of that before? Honestly, prior to writing the devotional I hadn't thought about it too much, but since then thoughts have lingered from time to time.

In my devotional, I share about the opportunity rejection gives us to experience God's protection, provision and presence, which is all true, but I'm feeling the need to also address the other opportunity rejection brings. If you're like me this is what you tend to experience more...the opportunity for pain, hurt and tears.

As I've thought about rejection, my mind has drifted to basketball. On the court when there was a blocked shot, the defender may talk some trash and say, "Rejection!!" The rejection may cause the ball to go to an open offensive player and lead to an easy basket, but other times it leads to success for the opponent. And friend, if we're not careful that can happen spiritually with rejection as well.

For example, awhile back I found myself feeling rejected by a friend. Nothing major had happened, but we just weren't connecting and I started to take the pain personal. Now had I followed the advice I shared in my devotional this could have led to an opportunity for good, but I didn't. Instead I sat in the rejection and let one negative feeling lead to another and then another...

Our opponent, Satan, loves to use the opportunities you and I give him when we deal with rejection. Friend, God can and does work through rejection, but if we don't turn to Him in those times Satan will pounce at the chance. He will feed us one lie after another and if we're not aware he will use the rejection to do a lot of harm and create much pain.

For instance, the situation with my friend...she really hadn't rejected me, time and life had kept us from communicating, but the feeling of rejection led to thoughts that were lies. I let that false rejection create thoughts in my head that weren't true and one wrong thought snowballed into many. Friend, I hate to admit I didn't even realize this until I read a familiar verse in Isaiah.

I read, “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before Me." (Isaiah 49:15-16) Friend, I had let the idea that my friend had forgotten me run wild in my mind which led to me forgetting my identity was in Christ and gave Satan the opportunity to feed me lies that caused me to forget Truth! (Side note - no matter who rejects you, God will NEVER forget you!!)

May we remember rejection equals opportunity and let us apply 2 Corinthians 10:5 by taking every thought captive!! As we do this we will give God the opportunity to use rejection for our good and His glory!!

I'd love to hear how rejection has led to opportunity in your life! Or if you need prayer as you walk through rejection, please share in the comments and I'd be honored to lift you up.

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