Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It'd be easier...

Have you ever been in a situation and found yourself thinking, "It'd be easier if..."? Me too. I've found many ways to fill in the blank: It'd be easier if I had more time. It'd be easier if we had more money, if the kids were older, if healthy food tasted get the idea.

But the other day I was struck by an answer that entered my husband wanted me to attend a conference with him and my feelings were mixed. The thought of spending time with him was good, the thought of making arrangements for the kids was a bit overwhelming and the thought of using my away time (it's a high commodity) to attend a farming conference was honestly a little discouraging.

I was really struggling with the decision to go or stay home and as I talked with my husband the title of this post came to mind, along with a thought that struck me. As we worked thru this decision I thought, "It'd be easier if I was somebody else."

Like if I was the girl who grew up dreaming of living on a sisters would tell you my famous line, "I'm never marrying a farmer!" (Lesson there - never say never!)

Or it'd be easier if I was the woman who's home was organized and neat so the thought of someone spending the night didn't put me in freak out mode.

If I was the wife who joyfully and continually submitted to her husband that would make things easier.

Being the person I just described would make things easier, but the truth is - farming is not a passion of mine, keeping house is not one of my strengths and honestly I believe we all struggle with submission from time to time. I know this. And my husband does too.

After informing me that I analyze things way too much, he went on to ask, "What happened to the confident woman? The one who knows who she is and whose she is?"

Job knows who I am...he doesn't want, or expect, me to be somebody else. And neither does God...He's the One who made me who I am. He created me, gave me my desires, my strengths and even my weaknesses. He also knew who my husband would be, planned for us to share our lives and is sanctifying me as we journey together.

Friend in the moment we might think it'd be easier if we were somebody else, but living life as anyone but the one God created us to be is never easy. He has a plan for me, and one for you, that is unique for the individual He designed us to be. May we move ahead embracing who He made us to be and living like we trust His plan.

As we take a step towards finding our identity in Him, may we remember life isn't about the easy way. If it was, why would we need a Savior? Why would we depend on our Heavenly Father?

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