Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How do you spell...

The title of this post is a question I often hear, especially from my little perfectionist daughter, but I understand, the teacher in me doesn't like spelling errors either. But lately I've been thinking about my blog, the one you thought was extinct since I haven't posted since May. And every time I do a question comes to mind. You see, I can start to feel guilty like I should have been posting regularly and can even allow this to create doubt as I find myself working on a book proposal. I mean who am I to think I could write a book when I can't even create a weekly blog post? Really...

So the last couple of weeks each time these thoughts entered my mind, so would the question, "How do you spell summer?" The answer might surprise you; I know it would bother my daughter! But since I'm taking a break from teaching, I'll accept this answer...for the last 6+ weeks in our house we've been spelling summer like this B-U-S-Y!! As my son would say, "That breaks all the rules!" But it's true!

We've had VBS, swimming lessons, field work, sleepovers, weddings, fair, potty training...and honestly this summer I'm being challenged to spell love a bit differently as well, so I'm intentionally trying to take T-I-M-E with my little people who are growing up way too fast! So though summer is busy it really is going well and I'm thankful!

I hope the next few days continue to go well because I know they will be busy! I'll keep up with the T-I-M-E spelling of love too, only this weekend I'll be spending time with the One who loves me in a way only He can. I have plans to fly to North Carolina Friday AM for Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I know this is part of God's plan and I know He will meet me there, but the reality of leaving Job and the kids is hitting and creating some guilt and fear.

As I type all of this and allow my thoughts to get a bit overwhelming, God is giving me another spelling word. I hear Him ask, "Jill how do you spell TRUST?" Without giving me time to respond, He whispers, "O-B-E-Y!" So true...friend I'm not sure how God is asking you to spend your busy summer or what time to share with those you love, but I pray we will open our ears to hear His plan and then show we trust Him as we obey!

Before I bring this to a close, I'd love to share one more thing: lately I've been challenged with another spelling word...care. One way God has been showing me, I can spell it is P-R-A-Y. I can do a lot of things to show I care about the ones I love, but the greatest thing I can do is pray. I might think I know what they need, but God loves His people more than me and He created their needs, so I trust He can fill them. So with that, I'd love to ask you to pray for me in the days to come...I'm so thankful you care!!

A few specifics -

For my final preparations in these last few days - the writing I need to finish up, packing and preparing things for Job and the kids while I'm gone. And for the ability to really enjoy Jesse's 1st birthday on Thursday!

Please pray for my family when I'm gone...last night Joy was already feeling a bit nervous about it. I'm asking God to bless the time they will enjoy together and with everyone who will be helping out. I'm so thankful for Job's support in all of this...he honestly believes in what God can do through me more than I do myself. I'm grateful for his willingness in all of this and pray God will bless him in big ways!

Please pray that I wouldn't worry, I'd rise above the doubt and simply be who God made me to be! I'm asking Him to empty me of myself so He can fill me! I want to let go of my expectations and embrace all He has for me!

Thank you friend and please I want you to know I care...if you have a prayer request please share and I'd be honored to take the time to lift you up!

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  1. I love this post and all of your spelling words! Our summer has also been spelled B-U-S-Y. And it has been flying by!

    I just e-mailed you asking you how I can pray specifically for you and then I stop by here and see how! :) Praying for you and so looking forward to seeing you soon. Hopefully your roommate won't be TOO annoying. ;) I have heard she is a night-owl and can be chatty at times. :)