Friday, December 23, 2011

Question of the Week

Lately it seems like every conversation holds a similar question, "Are you ready for Christmas?" If I'm the one being asked my answer is "No!" There's still presents to buy and wrap, a few decorations that are still in the box and cookies in need of frosting. But the other day I was challenged by an answer I heard someone share.

When he was faced with the question of the week I heard him say, "In my heart, yes. Under the tree, not yet."

Immediately in my mind I thought wow, that is good! Perhaps I'm the only one who's been distracted and a bit stressed with all there is to do, but I was feeling quite convicted of losing focus of what the season is all about as I heard this gentleman's response.

Thankfully his words have challenged me to make the most important preparations and truly be ready for Christmas! Friends it's not about the gifts we put under the tree, it's the One God sent for you and me! It's not about the gifts we buy or receive, but instead the one we give when we die to self and choose to believe!

So today I'll a question you've probably already heard, "Are you ready for Christmas?" My prayer is our hearts will be ready on Christmas morning!!

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