Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Who am I?" - just Jill

Welcome back for our "Who am I?" series. I'm not sure about you, but for me God has bringing the idea of identity to mind quite a bit here lately. That's a good thing because remembering who I am is critical if I want to be who He made me to be!

As this topic has come to mind, I've thought of an answer I've given quite often to the question, "Who am I?" Through the years as this search for identity has taken place in my mind I know I've asked myself the question and replied, "just Jill." With these two simple words I meant - I'm nobody special, I'm not popular, I really don't matter, I'm nobody important - you get the idea, I really didn't see much value in myself. I'd come to measure my worth by my achievements, appearance and acquaintances. As I played the comparison game I never measured up and merely saw myself as "just Jill."

I never really thought much about this until a friend responded to a message I left on her voice mail. I had simply left a message I'd probably left with people hundreds of times - "Hi! It's just Jill, I was calling to..." Anyway this friend responded with words I have yet to forget! When the two of us finally connected, she opened the conversation with and I quote, "Don't ever say you are 'just Jill' again!" I heard her mother voice come out as I felt her scolding me!

We went on to have quite the conversation about how God sees us, how I am not 'just Jill' to Him. And friend if you've ever thought this way, today I pray you will know you are not "just insert your name" to God. He knows you and He knows me, chances are better than we know ourselves!! He created us and formed us uniquely and knows us by name! A name that is engraved on His hands. Let that soak in for a minute - He knows you!! Thus He, our Lord, our Savior, our Father, knows the answer to our question, so let's keep seeking HIM!!

Honestly that conversation with my friend changed my thinking, I don't believe I've ever left that message again, though there have been times I've felt like it. But what always jumps out at me is when I hear others say the very same thing on my voice mail or in a conversation. Really my heart breaks and I quietly think, "Don't say that! You are not just another name!"

As I wrap this up, the word 'just' really hit me as God brought to mind another answer I've given to our question. When I left my teaching position 8 years ago, I often found myself responding with these very words, "I'm just a Mom." Believe me, I know better now, but that's a conversation for another day, so I'll leave you with this, "What just response have you given to the question, "Who am I?"


  1. So good, Jill!! This is a great serious...just what we women need to hear and think about. Who are we in Christ? Excited about what comes next!

    I just read this (again!) in Susie Larson's book "The Uncommon Woman" this morning, "Jesus led by exaple; He showed us how to walk, how to live and how to love. When He was accused, He didn't become insecure; He already knew WHO He was."

    Oh, and I've never thought of you as "just Jill" either! :)

    And one more thing...what were you doing up posting a blog post at 6:04am! :)

    LOVE YA, friend!

  2. I am so guilty of saying I am "just a stay-at-home" mom. Actually, there's been a battle going on over that one this week. All of my girls are now in school and I am faced with the decision of whether or not to take a part-time job...and believe me, that "just" word has been around.

    Thanks for these beautiful reminders, Jill. We truly, truly do need to know WHO we are in Him. He's working on me! :)

    Love to you,