Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From the mouth of my child...

Welcome to those of you stopping by via Renee's blog! I'm glad you're here and pray you find your visit worthwhile! Renee's devotion about just the right words has me thinking...after reading it you know just the right words have played a critical part in my life. And if we think about it I believe we'll all realize that words (sometimes the right ones, other times hard ones and yet other times even the wrong ones) have shaped who we are. Words are something we hear everyday and if we take the time to listen to them, God can speak through them.

In my nearly 8 years as a Mom, He's showing me the voice He chooses to use isn't always my pastor, my husband, my mentor or friends or even a well known speaker. No over the last month, He has once again shown me He can speak through who ever He chooses and lately He's been speaking some powerful words through my son!

J.D. will be 8 on Thursday and has blessed my life immensely in those years (changed it as well!) This little guy can wear me out with his constant action and noise, but I'm repeatedly amazed by his desire to know about and read the Bible! As a toddler he loved Bible stories, but now he's no longer content with the typical children's stories. He loves listening to the morning Bible trivia on the radio and typically knows the answer before I do! I know God has great plans for this little man's life! Beginning now by speaking truth to me!!

Let me explain - a few weeks ago Chris Tomlin's song, "I Will Follow," came on the radio and I mentioned to him that I liked the song. He asked, "Why?" So I explained it had an important message and he sincerely responds, "And that's what you're trying to do."

He wasn't trying to impress me or encourage me, but God did! You see I'd been wrestling with following God. He was asking me to walk away from something that I enjoyed, was good and was from HIM, but selfishly I wanted to stay. In time it was obvious that I was losing the battle, so I surrendered and whispered the words of the song, "God I will follow!"

I had peace at that point, but as my son shared, his words were just the right ones. God reminded me that it's not just what I say to my children, they are watching, and seeing me walk in obedience is exactly what their little eyes need! Thank you Lord for just the right words!!

The story doesn't end there...no nearly two weeks after that precious moment with my son, God spoke through J.D. once again. This time the words were hard and convicting, but yet they were still just the right ones.

It was a cold, windy day here on our Iowa farm and my little guy wanted me to head outside with him for cattle chores. After explaining to him that I needed to get supper ready, fold a little laundry and watch his little brother, he again uses his sweet little voice and looks at me with his big blue eyes and says, "Mom, you're just like Moses. You always have an excuse."

Honestly, my mind first recalled some excuses he'd given me an hour earlier, but then my heart listened and like I said that hurt. He does hear "no" more than he wants (sometimes it's necessary), but it was a call to reflect and perhaps make some changes in my mothering.

But the impact of his comment didn't end there, no God used it as well - He brought to mind the excuses I've given to Him. He reminded me of things I'd said in the past - moments and plans I doubted, but yet He provided and completed. But what's really stayed on my heart are the excuses I've given lately as He once again leads in a direction I don't understand.

I've said, "I can't" but He reminded, "I will."
I've said, "I don't have the time," but He says, "I hold time in my hand."
I've said, "I'm not good enough," but His truth says, "My strength is sufficient."

And once again I hear just the right words at just the right time!! Friend today I pray you open your heart and mind to not just hear these words, but listen to them. He will speak, sometimes in ways we don't expect, but always in ways that touch our heart and have the power to change our lives!

Again thanks for stopping by! I invite you back tomorrow when we'll pick up our Wednesday "Who am I?" study!!

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  1. Oh Jill, what a beautiful, powerful post. I LOVE how God used your son to speak such simple truths to you. The Lord has used my kids to do the same, and it's humbling, isn't it?

    I know God will bless you as you do the hard things He asks. He doesn't require us to understand, simply to obey. (So much easier said than done, right?)

    You are precious!