Friday, October 2, 2009

How will you be remembered?

Yesterday I was meeting with the Rise and Shine team and as we put details together about an up-coming women's retreat, we spent some time discussing music. We listened to a few songs, and since then one line has really been on my mind, "How will they remember me?" from Nicole Nordeman's song "Legacy."

I have been blessed by some wonderful individuals living a legacy in my own life. I know I will remember these men and women and the special role they play. Not just for the things they've done and how they've made me feel, but more so because they've allowed God to use them. I pray someday I will have a similar legacy myself and hope someone following in my steps will share similar words -

"I Will Remember You"
For the things you do
and the words you say.
For the smiles you share
and the hugs you give.

I will remember you,
For the example you set
and the blessings you provide.
For the woman you are
and the one you've helped me become.

I will remember you,
For the difference you make
and the love you give.
For pointing me to Christ
and helping me follow in His steps.

I will remember you,
and God will too.

Take a minute and think about the question - "How do you want to be remembered?" Live in a way so you, and even more importantly God, will be satisfied with the answer!

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  1. I love that song. Nicole Nordeman has one of the most beautiful voices in Christian music.

    I want to be remembered for those things too.