Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In need of a reminder...

"Lord, Remind Me"
When the days are long
And patience is short,
Remind me, you are a parent
And I’m not always an obedient child.

When I’m rejected for following you
And misunderstood for the things I do,
Remind me, you weren’t always accepted
And you still held on to your beliefs.

When I’m let down by others
And feel distant from my family
Remind me, I am your child
And your love is unconditional.

When I’m feeling down
And tempted to give up,
Remind me of the trials you faced
And the perseverance you possessed.

When I face struggles
And storms begin to rage,
Remind me of the pain you felt
And suffering you endured.

When I’m feeling weak
And wonder how I can go on,
Remind me you are in control
And your joy will be my strength.

When times are good
And especially when things are bad,
Remind me there is a reason for it all
And Your plan is perfect.


  1. Amen, Jill! Love this. I need reminders often. Slow learner, I guess. But He provides.

    Thanks for being His reminder for me tonight!

  2. Awesome poem. I need to print this out and tape it to my bathroom mirror and hang it over my desk at work!

    Stop by my blog - I have something for you :)

  3. Wow! What good words there my friend...

    I, too, need the reminders so often. I desire to be quick to listen... and quick to remember.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us.