Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ordinary Days

Most days around our house are pretty typical...farm chores, homeschool, meals, laundry, a sports practice or church activity. I hesitate in using the word "normal" because no day is ever the same, but our life is pretty ordinary. I don't know about you, but sometimes when things are "ordinary" I can lose focus and motivation. The other day I was encouraged to do something else in my ordinary...to look for Someone.

In a devotional, Wendy Blight challenged readers to pray a simple prayer and I did. In the early morning hours I offered up these words, "Lord, let me see You in the midst of my ordinary." Our day progressed and early on I was intentionally looking for God, but nothing out of the ordinary showed up. 

By late afternoon, my intentionality had faded, but my desire to complete the tasks of the day was strong. I was sitting in one room working on school with our 3 oldest kids while our little boys played in the other room. Suddenly Jesse, our 3 year old, ran into the room, shouted in his deep little man voice, "Mom, come here, me have a present for you." Without even giving me a chance to say, "Just wait a minute," he grabbed my arm and took me to the tree.

There I found a blanket covered "package"...one that looked similar to those I've seen in the past and Jesse did his "Ho, Ho, Ho!!" He helped me open the gift and was thrilled to help me find Jed, his 5 year old brother. 

Without even "looking" I instantly saw and experienced God do an extraordinary thing in our ordinary day. One, and most importantly, He reminded me of Psalms 127:3...children truly are a gift from Him. Jesse was so excited to "give" me his brother and Jed grinned from ear to ear as I "received" him. The thing is my kids are gifts I need to embrace and enjoy daily not just when they wrap each other in blankets and hide under the tree. 

I have to admit Christmas is a time that can stress me out...I'm not a great shopper so gift buying brings pressure, there's the money involved and time it all takes. The season brings more excitement to my kids which some times translates to frustration for me. But as God did an extraordinary thing in our ordinary day, I was reminded of the simple pleasures we can find and the joy they bring. 

Finally, through His answer I was reminded that He is always there and like I shared in my last post He is always working. The thing is I'm not always looking! How about you? Today will you join me in asking God to open the eyes of your heart so you can see Him? I believe He will show up!! Stop by to share what He does in your ordinary life!

In the meantime, my little guys were more than happy to reenact the story I described above...next to Jesus, I have to say they are the best gift ever!!


  1. Jill, this was absolutely precious and such a reminder that the best presents that are under the tree cannot be bought!!!
    I enjoy reading each time you post!
    Mema Jeanne

    1. So good to hear from you Mema Jeanne! I pray you are well and asking God to bless you this Christmas!! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Blessings!