Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Cultivator

Awhile back I shared a post titled, "Time to Cultivate" and today as I took lunch to my husband in the field, God had more to say. 

This time my focus was primarily on my husband. Cultivating is not a fun have to go slow, it takes time and you must be careful. And then often after a little time passes, you do it all over again.

I watched Job look back over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't damaging any beans and I thought about God doing the same as He cultivates my heart. He is El Roi, the God who sees. He too is always watching me and is constantly aware of the work He is doing. He is careful as He tends the soil of my heart. The work He does has a purpose.

I looked at the equipment my husband was using and noticed the yellow guards that sit parallel to each row of beans. They are there to protect the crop. In the same way, I believe God has guards in place to protect me and my heart as He works. In the process of cultivating, dirt is broken up and weeds uprooted, but the Cultivator protects the crop that's growing.

As I visited with my husband about this part of farming, I believe he appreciated my interest and he also shared another important point. Depending on the size of the crop, cultivating can be done a bit differently. As Job talked about this, I again thought of God as the Cultivator. He knows how I'm growing and changing, He knows my maturity level, He knows exactly what I need. And He has the wisdom to work in ways that are best with timing that is perfect.

Finally, as I opened the door of the tractor cab I was greeted with this - 

My little Jesse man loves being in the tractor and spending time with his daddy! He'd "worked so hard" he fell asleep. With thoughts of God as the Cultivator, I look at this picture and I'm grateful that just like my husband, God does His work while at the same time caring for the child He loves. 

Friend, I know the work God does in us is often hard, it takes time and requires work. But may we all remember the One doing the cultivating is caring, careful and wise. The pain we feel and work we face has a purpose...God knows what we need to grow and He loves us enough to provide just that!


  1. Jill, you have challenged and touched my heart with your writing. Beautiful! I love your blog and now I have someone new to learn from. I am so psyched that God brought us together with His divine appointment. Congrats on publishing a book! I am blessed to know a Sweet Sister that is famous!

    Love in Christ,


  2. Love this!!! ♥