Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's makes me think!

Mother's Day, a day set aside to honor the ones who loved us first, sacrificed for us and have walked thru life with us. This day makes me think about many things: I reflect on the time I've shared with my mom and the influence she's had on my life, I think about all the dynamics of a mother-child relationship, I hurt for those who long to be a Mom, but have yet to be blessed with a child, and I think about my children. The ones who make celebrating this day possible.

Ten years ago I never expected to be at this place - a stay-at-home Mom with 5 children ages 1 to 10. There are moments I've said to my husband, "Can you believe we have 5 kids?" Sometimes those words are spoken out of pure joy...children truly are a blessing! There are times that question comes during a moment of frustration...children make a lot of noise, have a lot of stuff and they aren't perfect either. But friend, most often those words come from a place deep inside that is often overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed in many ways and for many reasons...overwhelmed for all that lies ahead - teaching them right from wrong (and I thought potty training was hard!!), training them to be respectful and responsible, equipping them to someday leave home and possibly be a parent themselves and most importantly encouraging them to love the Lord and live for Him.

This work of motherhood can overwhelm and when it does, I can be overwhelmed with more - fear and doubt as I wonder if I can do all my children need me to do. If you're a Mom, you know...the work never ends and I'm not just talking about the laundry, dishes, meals and rides! There's the character development and spiritual disciplines I'm responsible for...thinking about this can be overwhelming. Would you agree?

I won't lie, there are moments these thoughts, coupled with my failures, bring me down and leave me discouraged, but I'm thankful I don't stay there as often as I use to. You see instead of getting depressed and wanting to quit, something happens that I didn't expect...

These thoughts, and experiences, of not being enough often remind me of the parent Who is heavenly Father, who's blessed me with 5 little ones here and 1 He already holds. He has called me to motherhood and equipped me for the job I need to do. The role is a privilege, but yet I'm guilty of taking it for granted. The call brings responsibility, but I must remember my children are His.

Friend, if you're a Mom (and if you're not share this with one who is), I pray you are encouraged to be overwhelmed with mothering in a new overwhelmed with the goodness of the One who's given you your children, be overwhelmed by the power of your perfect parent, be overwhelmed by the grace He gives when His child disobeys (then share that grace with your children as well!) and finally be overwhelmed by the love He has for you...a love so big that led Him to give up something that seems impossible to me, His Son, for you, for me and for the little ones we love!


  1. I raise the LORD for your writing skills and for your willingness to share your life with us. You are such an encouragement and humble example of motherhood! May the LORD give you many more opportunities to encourage and challenge us.

    Alice A

  2. What a beautiful post - to be reminded that we need to be overwehlmed 'with the goodness of the ONE who's give you your children'

    I am so thankful to read this post - lifting Mamas up and reminding us that we have the perfect parent to help us through all of this - and to protect our children's hearts from our own short falls!

  3. Jill,
    I had a very overwhelming Mother's Day myself! And what a blessing to look at it differently. God is good! Thank-you for sharing!