Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Full Speed Ahead

The other day my husband brought a dirt bike home for our kids. They were excited and I had flashbacks, which left me excited and scared all at the same time. You see I remembered the fun times I had riding around with my sisters, but I also recalled the time I tipped over and badly burnt my leg. Thoughts of my kids doing the same created mixed emotions, but...

This picture speaks for itself...J.D. was thrilled and Jed enjoyed the ride. The girls were just as excited as the boys! It didn't take long and the oldest two passed Job's version of Driver's Education. I believe it took even less time for their courage and confidence to grow.

By day three they were driving around like they'd ridden the mini bike for years. They thought things were going well and they were doing fine, but when I glanced out the window I felt they were going fast and looking for trouble.

I recall specifically speaking with Joy, who is two years younger than J.D. and does not possess his natural mechanical skills. I shared with her that I was glad she was having fun, but reminded her that this was a machine and she could get hurt. She said to me, "I know all of that Mom. I'll be careful."

Later that night she went out for another ride and minutes later I looked out the window to see her walking to the house with tears in her eyes and frustration on her face. I met her at the door and she said, "I was scared." I made sure she was OK and then she went on to tell me what had happened.

To make a long story short, the throttle had stuck and in an attempt to turn she ran into the branches of an evergreen tree. Again I told her I was thankful she wasn't hurt, but told her there was a lesson (or two) she could learn from this.

In the days that have passed, God's been telling me there's a lesson for me as well. You see sometimes I act like Joy. God gives me something to do and I listen to the directions, take part in the training and then take off full speed ahead. Occasionally this is OK, but usually it's not!

I too need to let things progress slowly. I need to let go of the desire to master things overnight. I need to accept that fact that there are things I don't know and then be willing to take the advice of others, especially God. Speed is a good thing when I'm running a sprint, but I've heard it said faith is more of a walk. So friends today, let's take it slow, trust God's timing and listen to His directions! And if you have a minute pray Joy will do the same!!

This picture still scares me!! But I'm praying we'll both learn to slow down and let Jesus take the wheel!! I know He's much better at avoiding the branches and potholes that can knock us down!!

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