Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Winner, another story and some advice

First of all, I have to apologize for not posting the winner of "A Confident Heart" on Sunday like I had planned. Though I would love to give a copy to each of you, I'm glad to announce that Angie is our winner. I will be in touch with you soon!!

Next I have another story to share, which I pray will encourage you to buy a copy for yourself or borrow it from a friend. This book will make a difference in you and your life. Let me explain -

Friday night my husband, myself and our 5 children attended our local high school's football game. This is the same school I graduated from and later I taught and coached there. Since our town is small, everyone has connections to the school and now as enrollment drops and it's future is unknown people have their opinions as well.

In the last few years my connection to the school has changed...God has put it on our heart to homeschool our children and this is something not everyone understands or supports. As a people pleaser this has bothered me and impacted me. Whenever I was back in the building or around former co-workers I found myself wondering, "what are they thinking?" Even if they didn't question our actions, in my mind I doubted God's call. It always seemed like it would be easier to do what everyone else did.

But God would confirm this time and time again, so I'd fight the doubt and obey. Today marks the start of my 4th year as a homeschooling mom, but Friday night I realized it is the first without fear. That night as we drove away I realized I had visited with many former teachers, parents and community members, but this time something was different - I wasn't consumed with the worry of what they thought or fear of doing the wrong thing.

It was then the idea of confidence came to mind...I had been obeying God, but now I had confidence to do what He called me to do. I honestly believe Renee's book is playing a part in the transformation God is doing in my heart. Friend, I know He can change yours as well!!

If you haven't read the book yet I'd like to share a little advice -
1) Pray first. Don't start without asking God to use this book in your life. Ask to open your ears to what He wants you to hear and strengthen you to walk this road.

2) Take your time. Though it may be tempting to rush through and enjoy Renee's story, may I caution you to slow down so you get God's message. Pretend the words of the book are a tea bag and let them soak!!

3) Be prepared. For the change and challenge that lie ahead. And for the attacks as you embrace God's truth and become who He made you to be - His daughter with a confident heart.

And then don't put your book on the shelf, pick it up and start reading again!!

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