Monday, April 26, 2010

"The Power of One"

Though there's strength in numbers,
there is power in one -

One card with a word of hope
when it seems all's been lost.
One smile, a picture of joy
when times are tough.
One visit with a friend that lifts you up
when life has knocked you down.
One call when the day is quiet,
a reminder you are not alone.
One hug, an embrace of love,
a touch that says, "I care" and "you matter."
One prayer, words providing peace
with perspective changing power.
One person, a friend who makes a difference
without even attempting to.
One Savior who changed the world long ago

There is strength in numbers,
but there is power in One!


  1. that is right...ONE mind...ONE Father...ONE body...may we all be ONE in Him!!

    Beautifully written! :0)

  2. I love that! :) And how powerful we truly can touch the lives of others when the One and Only is living in us and flowing out of us. :)

    I am so excited for you about your new ministry opportunity in MOPS. I have LOVED being a part of MOPS. Now that my girls are getting older, I am actually starting to kind of phase out of it. :( I will miss this sweet season. I have been so blessed and encouraged and have made some of the most amazing friends. I have also learned so much about being a godly mom and wife! Such a treasured time!

    Praying for God to give you peace and wisdom as you step into this new role!
    Thanks for the sweet comment. :)
    K :)