Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thinking about teachers...(and a give-away)

First of all a special welcome to those of you joining me from the Encouragement Cafe! It's a joy to be sharing there today about a topic that is dear to my heart - mentoring! (If you want to read my devotional, you can do so by clicking HERE.)

Today I shared about the reason Paul gives for mentoring - "so that the Word of God would not be maligned." (Titus 2:5) Friend, I encourage you to stop and think about those words for a moment - they say a lot...as do our actions!

Mentoring has always played a role in my life...I looked up to my mom, grandma's, aunts and older cousins - I watched them and tried to imitate what they did. As I grew, I looked to my teachers, coaches and older athletes in a similar way. When I gave my life to Christ in my early 20's, God brought wonderful spiritual mentors across my path...ones who shared Truth, set an example, listened and offered insight. I am grateful for all who've impacted my walk with Christ.

But today, I want to spend sometime talking about teachers, a type of mentor. As a little girl my dream was to be a teacher and as a 22 year old that dream came true, but 5 years later I left the classroom to be a stay at home thinking maybe that dream was over. Now I realize it just changed - I am a homeschool teacher and at times even teach from the Bible. (Let me tell you God's Word and an algebra text are two entirely different books!!)

In all of this I've learned something...no matter my job or title, I will always be a teacher. And friend, so will you...someone is always watching and they learn from the things we do and say. They see how we act and react and whether we want them to or not, they learn from it.

Along with this, regardless of our age or school status, we will always have teachers. Learning doesn't end when our days in the classroom are over...we too, even as adults, are impacted and influenced by those around us.

The other day I heard a teacher say, "I have LOVED being with you. You are THE best FB friends a girl can ask for...encouraging, wise, prayerful, engaged and honest about your faith. I'm so thankful for each of you." I did the FB thing and liked her comment. Then I walked away from the computer, but those words stayed in my head. 

I'm one who typically struggles with compliments (just ask my husband), but I was receiving these words and instantly God brought to mind Luke 6:40. Here Jesus says, "A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher." Every word our "teacher" had used to describe us are ones she lives out. We are learning from her and in the process are becoming like her.

These thoughts then crossed over with today's devotion...friend, mentoring and teaching are a constant part of life and we should always be living both roles - doing the instructing as well as the learning! And may we never forget the ultimate reason - so that the Word of God will not be maligned!

So let me ask you a few questions -
Who are the "teachers" in your life? Are they people you want to become like? Do they set an example you want to follow? Do they point you to The Teacher, the one we call Christ?

Who do you "teach"? What lessons are you teaching? Think about the things you do and say, are these things you want imitated? (If you're a Mom, you know this happens!!) Are you following Christ so that as others follow you, they are really following Him?

Friend, God's Word tells us we will become like our teachers...may we learn from ones like Him and teach others what God wants them to know. And His Holy Word also instructs us to train up others so that His Word will not be maligned...how will you do this today? Share your thoughts in the comments and I will select a winner to receive a copy of my book, "Letters from Leanne - The Beauty of a Spiritual Mother-Daughter Relationship."

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you Lord for the mentors and teachers in my life. Bless them for pouring into my life and showing me what it means to follow You. Give me wisdom to seek out and be influenced by teachers who point me to You. Give me a teachable spirit so that I can learn and then teach others as well. I am grateful that You are the perfect teacher...make my heart receptive to each lesson you need to teach me. And Lord, as I learn, help me share with others. May my life be an example for those who are watching. Today Father, help me learn from You so I can become more like You and point others to You. Thank you for all You've taught and I look forward to all that lies ahead. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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