Friday, November 2, 2012

A letter to a friend...(And a GIVE-AWAY!)

I've been following along with Melissa Taylor's on-line study of Unglued and earlier this week she shared an idea. She suggested writing a letter to Lysa TerKeurst, the author of Unglued, and today I'm doing just that. Though this letter is not addressed to you, I believe God may have a message tucked in it for you. And if you haven't read Unglued add it to your list!! If you'd like to win a copy, there's an opportunity to do just that below!!

Dear Lysa,
Oh where do I begin? Six years ago I heard you share your testimony at a Hearts at Home Conference and you've been speaking into my life ever since. Your challenge to say "Yes" to God is one that scared me at first, but it's one God has used.

I could write about the impact of your numerous books, the She Speaks conference or the opportunity I had to work with you at the Rise and Shine Women's Retreat. But for the sake of time and space I'm going to focus on the events of the past week.

I'm currently leading an Unglued study at our church, following Melissa's on-line study and was blessed to hear you speak on the topic in Pella. Obviously God wants me to get the message of Unglued!! And I am!

Like you, I see myself as an exploder and stuffer. And God has been working on each of these areas - the strategies you share are practical and powerful. They have made a difference in my life and relationships.

I first read your book and God opened my eyes to the stuffing I do with my husband. Since then I'm making progress, imperfect I might say, but even the other day he said to me, "I can't believe you're bringing this up already!!" Doing the hard thing, or should I say the good thing, has made a difference in our marriage. Thank you for being part of the process.

So now fast forward to this I understand more and more about stuffing I realize I do this with friends as well. And lately it's been with a friend who's been close thru the years, but a friendship that has grown distant over the last few months. God had revealed the problem to me, but I avoided it and worse yet I continued doing it. It drove me crazy and left me with guilt, but still I did nothing.

Until this week when I was submersed in our study and then heard you speak Lysa. God opened my eyes. He used your question, "What do you fear losing by addressing the issue?" It was true - I missed what was, but with the barrier between us I didn't have that. So this gal, who avoids conflict and confrontation like most people avoid the plague, made plans to do what I don't like to do.

My friend and I got together. We visited and caught each other up. And I silently prayed that God would give me the courage to do what He was leading me to do. He did. We both agreed there was a wall and each owned our role in building it. It was a time of honesty. A precious time of sharing from the heart. A beginning of God's restoration.

I walked away from our time together with one thought - God is GOOD!! I'd avoided and in a way dreaded doing what I knew I had to do, what God was calling me to, but He showed Himself faithful and powerful. Good.

As I've reflected on all of this, I know it's not just the relationship with my friend that has been blessed, no my relationship with God is stronger as well. Psalm 51 comes to mind, verse 4 specifically, "Against you, you only, have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight." I was not living with soul integrity as I hid things from my friend and played the "I'm fine" game, but worse than that I was sinning against God. A God who calls us to be honest. 

I'm thankful things went well with my friend, but I also know this may not always be the case. Still God has shown me honesty is worth the risk and a relationship that's right with Him never costs too much.

Oh Lysa, thank you is not enough, but it will have to do as I have no other words. Praying God continues to give you messages that impact my life and strengthen my faith.

Blessings from your friend on the farm,

My friends and I sporting our IMPERFECT PROGRESS shirts!

Last weekend I was blessed to attend a women's conference where Lysa was speaking! It was a joy and God had much to say!! The organizers of the conference gave each attendee a copy of the book and today I'm going to give mine to you!! So leave a comment for a chance to win!! Just for fun share your thoughts - Who has spoken truth into your life this week? How has God used it to make a difference? And if you don't have time to share, just say I'm in and leave your contact info!! Enter for a second time by sharing a link to this post!! I'll announce the winner on Monday!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I have LOVED the Unglued book and study, and would love to share a copy of the book with my sisters. I can't imagine ANYONE who wouldn't find so much of it applicable to their life. Thanks again for sharing your recent successful attempt to reconcile with a friend.
    Nancy Kroneberger

  2. Thank you for sharing and for doing the hard thing that God urged you to do. I pray that the relationship with your friend grows ever stronger. It is so great to have great friends and being one is the best way to have one. There can never be enough iron in our lives.

  3. God has used my children to speak truth into my life about an area I need to change. They spoke to me, not with words but in their activities and just in their growing (if that makes sense). I've tried to change in my own power, but I've finally realized I need to turn this ugly part of me over to the Lord--to surrender it to Him--in order to be set free. Thanks for being so vulnerable in your sharing, Jill, and for the giveaway.

  4. G'day Jill
    Your letter to Lysa is so special. She will love reading it.
    I'm so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and worked through things with your friend. How faithful is God?!
    It sounds like your journey through "Unglued" has been so powerful.
    I pray God continues to bless you and speak to you.
    With Love
    Nicki (OBS Leader)

  5. A friend has spoken truth into my life...her listening ear, gentleness and willingness to be real has blessed me. I've heard alot about Unglued and am looking forward to reading it.